2018 Toyota CH-R logo

2018 Toyota C-HR crossover exterior and interior photos

Trying to find the perfect style of vehicle may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, for those stuck going back and forth between an SUV and a sedan can find a happy medium in the Toyota C-HR. The 2018 C-HR is a subcompact crossover, which first made its debut in November of 2016. A couple model years later, the vehicle is looking better than ever! In case you haven’t seen photos of the exterior and interior yet, we’ve put together a little gallery for you to check out below!

2018 Toyota CH-R side view
2018 Toyota CH-R rear view
2018 Toyota CH-R front view
2018 Toyota CH-R speedometer
2018 Toyota CH-R interior
2018 Toyota CH-R cargo space

Which Toyota SUVs are available as Hybrids?

Which Toyota SUVs are available as Hybrids?

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