Man in sunglasses sitting in the drivers seat of a car

Tips and Tricks For Improving Your Driving Skills

Basic driving mechanics and a feel for how to operate a vehicle only come with time and practice. While we encourage beginning drivers to put as many hours behind the wheel as possible with an experienced adult in the car for guidance, there are a few adjustments that all drivers from beginners to seasoned pros can utilize to improve their performance immediately. Find 3 easy ways to become a smarter driver below.

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3 Easy Ways To Be A Smarter Driver

Keep Your Distance

close up of a woman's hands on a steering wheelThe best way to handle hazardous road conditions is to give yourself plenty of time to react to them. Adjusting something as simple as your following distance can make a huge impact on your driving success. Leave a few car lengths in between you and the car ahead and you will have plenty of time to react if they slam on their brakes or the roads become slippery.

Research Your Route In Advance

Inattentive driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. Help yourself focus only on the road ahead and the vehicles surrounding you by taking care of some of the travel prep in advance. While utilizing navigation via your infotainment system or a smartphone is always helpful, researching the route in advance so you have a general idea of what is coming up next can help you take your eyes from the screen to the road.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Most drivers tuck their owner’s manual into the glove compartment on the day they purchase their vehicle and never take a second look. However, it contains valuable information on how your vehicle operates and can provide so many tips and tricks for improving your time on the road. Make it a habit to read through it at least once before storing it away.

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