Two cars headed in opposite directions on a snow covered road

Combat Sliding On Icy and Snowy Roads With These Tips and Tricks

While the best thing you can do to stay safe on slippery winter roads is always slowing down and taking your time, there are a few tips and tricks that can also gain you a little extra traction. Find the top 3 ways that we like to improve traction during slippery winter driving below.

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3 Ways To Improve Traction During Slippery Winter Driving

Add Weight

snowy car tire closeupWhile adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle isn’t great for your fuel economy, adding some extra weight in strategic places can help you add additional traction, especially if you drive a vehicle with rear-wheel drive. Adding weight over the wheels that power your vehicle may help them grip the road better providing more traction.

Follow Other Vehicles

Fresh snow is a lot more slippery than snow that has been packed down already. Follow the tracks that other vehicles have left behind to find some added traction when the roads are covered in snow. Keep in mind that even packed snow is slippery so you will want to reduce your speed to something that is appropriate for the current conditions.

Install Winter Tires

Winter tires are made of a specialty material that performs well in cold and snowy conditions. Winter tires retain their shape and tire pressure, even when conditions get really cold which allows them to have more traction in the snow when compared to tires made of traditional materials. If you live in an area that has snowy winter weather, we think winter tires are a great investment.

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