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Food trucks on the side of the road

Not sure where to eat? Find some hidden local favorites!

Best food trucks of 2017 in Knoxville TN

Summer is on the horizon, which means it’s time to participate in some fun, outdoor festivities. There are plenty of things to do around Knoxville, but you may find yourself having lunch or dinner at the same places. If you’re looking to mix it up as the weather gets warmer, try some of the best food trucks in Knoxville TN. The options are vast, and include tons of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Keep on reading to see our favorites! Read the rest of this entry >>

Where to eat Easter brunch near Clinton, TN

Where to eat Easter brunch near Clinton, TN

Spring is finally here! Have you made your plans for Easter Sunday? For many families the day includes hunting for Easter eggs, enjoy delicious candies and relaxation. Have you considered adding brunch to your list of activities? It’s a fun way to catch up with family before you all head to the various events planned for the day. Fortunately there are a variety of restaurants serving on Easter Sunday in the Clinton, TN, area. Here are some of the many restaurants open on April 16 and are serving Easter brunch or a buffet.

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Free Easter egg hunts near Knoxville, TN

Free Easter egg hunts near Knoxville, TN

Spring is upon us and that means that the Easter egg hunts are right around the corner. Today, there are so many incredible variations on the Easter egg hunt theme. You’ll find everything from underwater Easter egg hunts to the traditional version. With that creatively comes costs. In this day and age you can expect to pay anywhere of upwards of $10 or more per child, depending where you go. Here we have kept it simple and focused on only free Easter egg hunts in the Knoxville, TN, area. Happy hunting! Read the rest of this entry >>

Toyota Consumer Electronics Show 2017

“What Am I?” -Toyota’s Concept-i

Toyota Displays CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the best automotive shows all year because instead of displaying new models or custom rides, it focuses on technology of the future! At CES 2017, every major automotive manufacturer comes together to display their version of the future. This year, the three common themes are connectivity, autonomy, and emission-free operation with Toyota leading the pack! Read the rest of this entry >>

creative ideas for elf on the shelf

See these Creative Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

We know that it can get difficult having to constantly think up new scenes or hiding spots involving your Elf, so why not share some ideas? We went ahead and took a look through the most creative Elf on the Shelf posts on Instagram and picked a select few to share with you. Take a look below to see if these Elf on the Shelf pictures inspire any new ideas for you! Read the rest of this entry >>