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The battle of the infotainment systems

Differences among Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Entune

Many vehicles on the market boast about having Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. However, for many years, Toyota vehicles came with only Entune. Who knew that there were so many infotainment system options? Keep reading as we delve into the differences among Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Entune.

Phone and Vehicle being ConnectedWhat is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is the technology used to connect your smartphone and vehice. Apple created this. If you have an Apple phone that can connect to your vehicle, various apps will display on the vehicle’s built-in screen. Some of the apps that will display include navigation, music, phone, messages, calendar, and many more! Additionally, you can access Siri while driving. More than 500 vehicles, including various Toyota models, come standard with this technology.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is very similar to Apple CarPlay. This system features a Google Assistant that helps you remain organized throughout the day. You can ask about things that are on your agenda, weather forecast, traffic updates, etc. Various apps will also display on your vehicle’s screen. Some of these include text messages, phone, maps, music, navigation, and many more! Many vehicles also come standard with this technology including newer Toyota models.

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Phone and Display Screen Showing MusicWhat is Entune?

Entune is the Toyota version of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The two systems listed above are for specific types of smartphones. The great thing about Entune is that is works with many different smartphones. There is a minimum of a 6.1-inch touchscreen display. Other features that come standard include Bluetooth, voice recognition, access to your phone book, USB/Aux connectivity, and Siri® Eyes Free. If you decide that you want items such as HD Radio, Traffic, Weather, or Sirius XM Radio, you can always upgrade to Entune Audio Plus or Entune Premium Audio.

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Where can I get a vehicle with one of these infotainment systems?

At Fox Toyota in Clinton, many of our new vehicles now come standard with all three systems. Give us a call or stop out and see us today to learn more!

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