Does Toyota Make Boats?

From Sea To Shining Sea: A Love Story

Does Toyota Make Boats?

Has anyone seen a large body of water? It is naut where I left it. We assume that is what the Toyota Marine Department said before they came up with the brilliant idea for a water car, better known as a boat. Like many of the other automotive power houses, Toyota is doing more than getting its feet wet in the marine industry.

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Toyota Marine History

It all started in 1997 when Toyota discovered that the world is primarily made up of water. Using the Lexus LX and GX as examples, the Japanese manufacturer designed the Ponam, available as a fishing boat or luxury yacht, and the Epic, made for water sports such as skiing and wakeboarding. Since then, Toyota has played a big part in the maritime industry, producing some of the most luxurious boats in the world history.

Luxury Boats R Us

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

Okay, so technically it is a Lexus, developed by the Toyota Marine Department, but it is all for the better, right? Inspired by Toyota and Lexus cars, the yacht features some of the same materials and technologies that you will find in such awesome cars as the Lexus LFA, capable of speeds over 200 miles per hour. Unfortunately, this speed doesn’t transfer to the yacht. It is still a concept, but it is the future of water transportation and a window into the heart of Toyota.