How far can the 2016 Prius drive on one tank of gas?

How far can the 2016 Prius drive on one tank of gas?

The Toyota Prius is nearly synonymous with hybrid car at this point, and is still easily one of the most popular examples of a hybrid — if not the most popular. One of our favorite things about the increased fuel efficiency in a hybrid is the opportunity to avoid stopping at the gas station — but how far can the 2016 Prius drive on one tank of gas?

Driving Range for the 2016 Prius

Not only is the 2016 Prius one of the most affordable options when it comes to picking up a hybrid vehicle, it is also one of the best — and has been for years now! It comes with a 54 City/50 Highway MPG rating, which gives it a good driving range of up to around 610 total miles! We do concede that most don’t exclusively use the Prius for just city driving, but it can still go 565 miles with only highway driving.

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Driving Range for the 2016 PriusDriving Range for the 2016 Prius c

We mentioned that the Prius is one of the most affordable options, but Toyota has another Prius model that is even more affordable: the 2016 Prius c. The Prius c starts at only $19,560 and has a very respectable fuel economy rating of 53 City/46 Highway MPG. Because the Prius c is smaller, it also has a smaller fuel talk. Because of this the max range of the Prius c is about 503 miles for all city driving, or around 437 miles exclusively on the highway.

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Driving Range for the 2017 Prius v

The 2017 Prius v offers more cargo area than the two other Prius models, but even with its increased space you will still get an impressive fuel economy rating of 43 City/39 Highway MPG. With its fuel rating you’ll be able to drive a total of roughly 511 miles in the city and about 464 miles of only highway driving.

It’s not uncommon to see similar driving ranges, or ones that come close in some non-hybrid vehicles. The major difference between those and the Prius is the fuel tank size — which is kept quite small in every Prius to reduce vehicle weight — thus letting you drive further for less money spent at the pump.

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