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How is Toyota helping during the coronavirus pandemic?

There is no “how to prepare for a pandemic” course to take in high school or college. As a result, we are left with taking each day as it comes. Some days are better than others emotionally, and some days are more productive than others as well. In the middle of a pandemic, it is good to know that companies are doing what they can to help healthcare workers in the face of these unprecedented times. How is Toyota helping during the coronavirus pandemic? Check it out below!

How Toyota is helping with stopping the spread of the virus

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Since a lot of work has had to stop at the various Toyota plants, executives have decided to turn their production knowledge towards the healthcare system. Here are just a few of the things Toyota is doing to help.

  • Mass production and distribution of 3D face shields
  • Creating COVID-19 masks and searching for a partner to fill in the filter portion
  • Working with two companies to help produce more ventilators and respirators
  • Offering support to other manufacturers so that they can increase production
  • Payment relief options to customers
  • Donations of various supplies to hospitals
  • Monetary donations to places such as United Way and food pantries

If you are interested in seeing what donations Toyota made in Tennessee, here is the list!

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What is Fox Toyota doing during the pandemic?

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We are still open at this time. Make sure that you keep checking our website for any other updates! As we remain open during this time, please know that we are monitoring the situation very closely. We are offering various pick-up and delivery services as well as the ability to complete a sale remotely. Our highest priority is keeping our customers and our team members safe. Although these past few weeks have been strange, and we do not yet know what the next few weeks will look like, we are here for you, and we will get through this together.

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