Two cars headed in opposite directions on a snow-covered road in winter

Winter Car Care Part 6 – Winter Upkeep

Welcome to the last installment of Fox Toyota’s winter car care series. If you haven’t been following along, each post in the winter car care series offers a maintenance suggestion that we think would be a good idea to tackle before the winter season. So far, we have posted about fixing existing conditions, replacing wiper blades, checking fluid levels, replacing old tires, and putting together an emergency roadside kit. If you haven’t completed those steps yet, you can always go back and read the posts now. Today, we are going to move on to what you should be doing to protect your car once winter hits. Find our best suggestions for how to look after your car in winter below.

An ice scraper scraping off a car windshieldHow to look After Your Car in Winter

Our tips for keeping your car running in good condition in winter are relatively easy to follow and can help make a big difference. Check out the tips below.

  • Turn off wiper blades before turning off the car
  • Check tire air pressure often (especially when temps fluctuate)
  • Invest in a good ice scraper
  • Park in a garage or next to a building overnight whenever possible
  • Keep the gas tank at least half full

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Protect from Salt

The best way to protect your car exterior from harmful salt that can cause rust and corrosion is to keep it clean with regular trips to the car wash. When you do go to the car wash, try going on the warmest day of the week and earlier in the morning so your car has a chance to dry before freezing shut. It also helps to avoid driving through deep snow or large puddles whenever possible as they can transfer salt to the undercarriage of your car and cause damage.

We hope you found our winter car care series helpful in preparing your car for colder weather. Keep following the Fox Toyota blog for more seasonal automotive tips, FAQs, and Toyota news.