2018 Toyota Tacoma in gray driving on a dirt road in the desert

How does Toyota Crawl Control work?

For some truck lovers, driving on smooth pavement just doesn’t cut it. Whether you need an off-road ready performance vehicle for work or for fun, the Toyota truck lineup has you covered. One of our favorite specialty off-road features on select Toyota trucks is Toyota Crawl Control. Learn more about what Toyota Crawl Control is and how to operate it below.

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Toyota Crawl Control Speed Guide. The following table show some typical terrains and the recommended speed modes. Position 1 - Low - Rock, Mogul (downhill) and gravel (downhill). Position 2 - Between low and medium - Rock, mogul (downhill), gravel (downhill), and mogul (uphill). Postion 3 - Medium - Mogul (uphill). Position 4 - Between medium and high - mogul (uphill), snow, mud, gravel (uphill), sand, dirt, mogul (uphill), and grass. Position 5 - High - Snow, mud, gravel (uphill), sand, dirt, mogul (uphill), and grass.How to Operate Toyota Crawl Control

Toyota Crawl Control was made to get you through the most unforgiving terrain by operating the braking and acceleration of your vehicle during low-speed off-road conditions so you can put all of your efforts into steering.

Using Toyota Crawl Control in equipped models is pretty simple. In order to activate this feature, your vehicle will need to be completely stopped and your foot will need to be pressing the brake. From there, switch into neutral and turn your 4×4 system to low. Then, depending on need, switch into drive or reverse and press the Crawl Control button. You will also need to select a speed/position from 1-5 depending on terrain. We have included a speed mode guide on this page, but you can also find this information in your owner’s manual. Once all of your settings have been selected, depress the brakes and Toyota Crawl Control should take over. Pressing the brake or accelerator while Toyota Crawl Control is activated will turn it off.

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