How to pair iPhone with Toyota Bluetooth®

Connect your phone with Toyota Entune™ with these easy steps

How to pair iPhone with Toyota Bluetooth®

There are few moments in our day when we’re not tethered to our smartphones and mobile devices, even behind the wheel. We are driven to be connected to friends, family, colleagues and our favorite apps at all times, which can be challenging (and unsafe) during car travel. To ensure our drivers keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel instead of on their iPhones, we’re sharing how to pair an iPhone with Toyota Bluetooth® so drivers can utilize the automaker’s Entune™ multimedia system.

Toyota Bluetooth® pairing instructions for iPhone

Before attempting to pair your phone to the Toyota’s system, make sure your vehicle is in park. These instructions are compatible with select 2014 and 2015 Toyota models as well as all 2016 models, save for the Yaris.

  1. Turn iPhone Bluetooth® ON
    • Go to SETTINGS
    • Select BLUETOOTH
    • Turn Bluetooth® toggle to ON position
  2. Turn on Bluetooth® on the Entune™ system
    • Select SETUP on home screen
    • Press BLUETOOTH
    • Choose ADD to connect iPhone
  3. Connect Toyota Entune™ to your iPhone
    • Select TOYOTA VEHICLE from Bluetooth® devices list
    • Entune™ system will confirm it’s paired to iPhone
      • You may be prompted to verify PIN matches on both Entune™ system and iPhone screen

Now that your iPhone and Entune™ system are connected, you can enjoy hands-free calling and audio streaming without distraction. Stay connected, but be safe on the road.

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To experience Toyota’s Entune™ system, first schedule a test drive with the team at Fox Toyota to find your ideal vehicle.