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Making Your Car Vacation Ready

At Fox Toyota, we love to drive. Perhaps it is no surprise then that our favorite way to celebrate the beginning of spring and nice weather is by going on a long drive through our favorite parts of town or on a family road trip to a new destination. For any of our readers who feel the same way, we are leaving some tips for how to prepare your car for a successful trip below.

How to prepare your vehicle for a long drive or road trip

Up-To-Date Maintenance

The first and most important step in preparing for a long drive or road trip is making sure that your vehicle is up to the task. That means making sure that you have checked the tire pressure, got an oil change, checked the fluid levels, made sure the air conditioning is running, and got someone to help you test that the headlights and taillights are functioning correctly. It also means making Family sticking their arms out of their green sedansure your vehicle is up to date on any regularly scheduled maintenance. Find your specific vehicle’s maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.

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Packing Tips

We’ll admit, this isn’t the most exciting step in preparing for a trip, but it is necessary for success. First, get all necessary documents in order like print outs of hotel reservation details. Next, make sure your vehicle is outfitted with an emergency car kit in case something goes wrong. And lastly, make sure you have left enough room in the back for any luggage you will be bringing so you don’t have any passengers riding with bags under their feet at the last minute.

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Snacks and Entertainment

Would a road trip really be a road trip without snacks? This step is a little more geared towards your specific tastes. If gas station chips and candy is your jam, hit up the gas station on your way out of town and stock up. If homemade granola or sandwiches are more your style, load up a small cooler the night before your trip. And make sure not to forget entertainment options for everyone. We love to download podcasts on our favorite subject, so drivers and passengers alike can participate.