How to properly spring clean your vehicle with clouds and pretty flowers in the background

Time to get ready for spring near Knoxville, TN!

How to properly spring clean your vehicle

As we are approaching spring and we are beginning to see nicer weather, one of the things many people like to do is spring clean. Maybe you already have your lists of the spring cleaning that needs to happen around your house, but have you considered your vehicle? If not, we have put together a guide on how to properly spring clean your vehicle. Check it out below!

Bucket with many different cleaning products in itSpring Cleaning Tips 101

Some of the items listed below should be done more frequently than just once in the spring. Do you have any additional tips or items that you do in the spring to get your vehicle ready?

  • Use a stiff brush to wash your tires and get them looking shiny and new
  • Hand-wash the exterior of your vehicle from the top to the bottom with carwash solution to give it that new vehicle look
  • Remove and clean out the clutter that has piled up inside of your vehicle all winter long
  • Vacuum the seats and carpeted areas
  • Use a microfiber cloth or mild cleaning spray to clean other interior surfaces
  • Scrub mats with a stiff brush
  • Wash all glass in your vehicle with a cleaner that does not have ammonia
  • If applicable, wash leather upholstery

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