Close up of a Toyota touchscreen with the Entune App Suite

How To Set Up The Toyota Entune App Suite On iPhone and Android

The Toyota Entune App Suite allows drivers to seamlessly connect their favorite smartphone apps to their Toyota infotainment screen. Setting up the app suite is quick and easy with the help of step-by-step instructions that we have included below.

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Set Up Instructions

1 – Download the Entune App On Your Smartphone
2 – Register For An Entune Account In the App
3 – Agree To the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
4 – Visit the Settings Menu Inside the App and Choose Manage Accounts
5 – Input Your Login Information for Various Apps To Link Them
6 – Pair Your Smartphone With Your Vehicle and Open the Entune App
7 – A Prompt To Update Your Vehicle May Display. If So, Press Upgrade
8 – Click Install If Running The Upgrade

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