Man wiping down the side of a vehicle

Keep your vehicle looking like new this summer!

How to wash your vehicle like a pro

Summer is a great time to get outside and keep your vehicle looking fresh and new. Not only does this make your vehicle look good, but it helps keep the paint lasting longer. If you are a seasoned car washer, or a newer one, we have some tips and tricks for you! Keep reading for more information on how to wash your vehicle like a pro!

Man using a hose to rinse off a vehicle

Begin with pre-cleaning your vehicle

Before you actually wash your vehicle, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is free from any sort of debris and dirt. This will help ensure that your vehicle will not get scratched when you actually apply soap and water to the paint. In addition, read the labels on the different products you plan on using. Not all products can be used on all vehicles.

We also recommend that you actually begin with washing the tires. Make sure that you have a specific brush to use on tires. You do not want to use the same cloth as you do on the rest of your vehicle. When you are done with each wheel, make sure you rinse it right away!

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Suds on a vehicle and a person using a sponge

Time to wash the body of your vehicle

Make sure that you have a very sudsy bucket! Using a microfiber cloth, begin with the roof of your vehicle and work your way down. Do not wash the entire vehicle and then rinse the entire vehicle Take it in sections. For example, start with the roof, when you have washed the roof, rinse it right away. Then do the windshield and front hood and rinse those two items. Repeat this process as you go around the vehicle until it is completely washed and rinsed.

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Two people using cloths to wipe down a vehicle

Finish by drying your vehicle

Before you dry your vehicle, it would not hurt to give it one final thorough rinse to make sure all of the soap is off the vehicle. For a quick dry, you can use a leaf blower. Otherwise, a clean microfiber towel will do the trick. Voilà! You officially have a bright and shiny clean vehicle.

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