2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition exterior

How To Use the Multimedia Features In Your 2020 Toyota Supra

While the  2020 Toyota Supra sports car was designed to highlight the offerings under the hood, that doesn’t mean other areas of the vehicle were neglected. Drivers will find a variety of multimedia systems to keep everyone engaged including Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Navigation depending on trim level. To help you get the best experience possible from your new ride, we have included instructions for how to set everything up below.

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Instructions For Setting Up Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Navigation In The 2020 Supra


The Bluetooth system in the 2020 Supra helps drivers stay connected to their smartphone while on the go. When Bluetooth is activated and a compatible smartphone is paired to the vehicle, a variety of features will come to life including hands-free calling and music streaming.

Apple CarPlay

Very similar to Bluetooth, the Apple CarPlay system in the Supra also helps drivers connect their compatible smartphone device. Taking things a step further, Apple CarPlay will temporarily alter the look of your touchscreen to mimic the home screen on your phone. It also provides access to a variety of apps that would otherwise not be available in a hands-free way while on the go.

Concierge Services

The concierge service on your Supra provides 24/7 access to a live Toyota agent. The agent can connect to your vehicle’s multimedia system to deliver real-time navigation, addresses, points of interest, the closest gas station, and more.


Depending on the Supra configuration, drivers have access to the complete Toyota navigation arsenal that makes it easy to follow turn-by-turn directions to a pre-determined address or point of interest.

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While the videos linked above should help get you started, the team at Fox Toyota is always here to help make your driving experience a little easier. Whether you would like a demonstration of the multimedia features on the Supra before you buy or you need help setting something up after ownership, take a quick trip to our Clinton, TN dealership and our team will take care of you!