Toyota Camry TRD and Toyota Avalon TRD driving on a winding road in the mountains

New Camry TRD, Avalon TRD Deliver Premium Handing and Performance

The Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team has added two new TRD configurations to the 2020 Camry and 2020 Avalon lineups. While the TRD badge and nameplate come with a variety of interior and exterior enhancements, it’s all about the handling and driving performance in these new configurations.

Both the 2020 Camry TRD and 2020 Avalon TRD will be able to outperform other sporty models in their respective lineups and will offer the responsive steering and acceleration that driving enthusiasts are after. Watch this short video from the Toyota TRD team to learn more.

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Toyota fans can expect to see the new TRD Camry and Avalon configurations for sale beginning in fall of 2019.