April is National Car Care Month: Find Our Top Tips Here

It’s national car care month and to celebrate we are talking about some of our top tips for spring cleaning and maintenance. When it comes to your car, spring is the perfect time to make sure everything is in good shape before summer heat can exacerbate small problems leading to expensive repairs. Find our spring car care checklist below.

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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist for Your Car

Someone vacuuming a car interior

Deep Clean

Spring cleaning is not just for inside your house. Before the weather heats up, take some time to deep clean your car, car mats, upholstery, and center console. We like to send our vehicles to the pros for a serious deep clean, but a little extra time and elbow grease at home will also get the job done. 

Care for Tires

Winter driving takes a toll on your tires. Not only could there be gashes, scratches, or misalignment from winter driving, but tires that have worn treads are at serious risk for hydroplaning in the wet spring weather. Take some time to inspect everything to make sure it’s up to safety standards and schedule a replacement if necessary. 

Driver checking tire pressure

oil pouring into a car engine

Check Fluids and Filters

While fluids and filters should be routinely checked every other month or so, we like to have it done during routine oil changes, it’s also a good item to have on your spring car care checklist. If anything seems a little low or you notice any small leaks, have it fixed now so you are good to go for the spring driving season. 

Test Your Battery and Brakes

Like checking fluids and filters, this is something that your mechanic should routinely be doing already. However, now is a great time to have everything checked over again for anything that may have become worn during the winter driving season.  

mechanic holding brake parts

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