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Can you ride in the bed of a pickup truck in Tennessee?

While we don’t suggest that drivers ever have passengers riding in the bed of their pickup truck for safety reasons, we wanted to take a look at what the Tennessee state laws have to say about the matter. Let’s dive into some of the passenger safety laws in place for Tennessee drivers below.

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Tennessee Passenger Safety Laws

Friends gathered around a 2018 Toyota Tacoma with a dirt bike and dune buggyThere are a few Tennessee laws in place that specifically address passengers riding in the bed of a pickup truck. These laws state that no children under the age of 6 can ever ride in a pickup truck bed while children ages 6-12 can ride in the back on residential streets with lower speed limits. Children and adults over the age of 12 are free to ride in the bed of a pickup truck in all locations, including the highway.

With that being said, there are other laws on the books related to seat belt use and child passenger safety that also need to be followed – which make it hard for some passengers to ride in a pickup truck bed legally.

Tennessee Seat Belt and Child Passenger Laws

Tennessee has fairly strict seat belt safety laws. All passengers in the driver and front passenger seat must be wearing a seat belt at all times or could be pulled over and fined. Other child passenger laws including car seat use and seat belt use are also in place for children under the age of 18. An exception to child passenger safety and seat belt laws are when riding as a passenger in a truck or trailer during a parade when traveling at low speeds.

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Tennessee laws can change at any time and county and city ordinances could be in place with stricter guidelines. Use the information above for research purposes only and contact your local law enforcement officer for clarification and up-to-date regulations.