Kids and dad hanging out of a car window

How To Get Kids To Stop Fighting In The Car

Does your car feel more like a zoo when the kids are in tow? Even with the best-laid plans, it can be hard to prevent fighting in the rear seats, especially on long trips. To help, we put together our favorite tips and tricks for successful car travels with children below.

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Tips and Tricks For Successful Car Trips with Children

Plan Shorter Trips

Kids have short attention spans and a hard time sitting still. While good behavior in the car should be the goal, it can also be beneficial for everyone to make time spent in the car as short as possible. If you are planning on taking the car on a long trip, break up the day into shorter chunks with plenty of time to stop at a park or a restaurant to let out steam.

kids sticking their heads out of a carBring Snacks

Not only will providing snacks for your children give them something to do with their hands for a while, but it can also help keep them full and happy which is all it takes to stop some fights in their tracks. Just be sure to hand out the snacks before an argument breaks out or you may be unintentionally rewarding bad behavior.

Designate Personal Space

When the parents designate a specific spot for each child to sit, it leaves no room for kids to argue about who gets to sit where. Plus, having a set of expectations for how car travel will go can help keep kids calm. If possible, spread kids out in the cabin so nobody is left cramped for space.

Prepare Distractions

While some screen time could help your children pass the time on the road, there are plenty of available distractions that don’t involve a screen if you are not comfortable going in that direction. We love to pack books and other hard play items that won’t make the back seat a mess. The radio is also another great distraction for kids who love music.

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