Toyota Consumer Electronics Show 2017

“What Am I?” -Toyota’s Concept-i

Toyota Displays CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the best automotive shows all year because instead of displaying new models or custom rides, it focuses on technology of the future! At CES 2017, every major automotive manufacturer comes together to display their version of the future. This year, the three common themes are connectivity, autonomy, and emission-free operation with Toyota leading the pack!

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Toyota Concept-i CES 2017

Your Toyota is your friend! At least, that is what Toyota is striving for with the Concept-i at CES 2017. No, really! The Toyota Concept-i is designed to be artificially intelligent! Unfortunately, it is not quite at Night Rider status, but it is so close. Yui is the nickname given to the dashboard AI agent that you can talk to while you are driving autonomously. Yui is more than just a buddy, though. It is constantly communicating with other vehicles, the internet, and itself to maximize driving convenience. It will even go as far as to anticipate your intentions based on driving habits.

Toyota Artificial Intelligence Concept Car


At CES 2017, Toyota isn’t letting attendees into the actual Concept-i, but to better show what it is capable of, Toyota brought a simulator. In the simulator, you can see how Yui proposes destinations, reads human emotion, and sparks conversation. It is most certainly something out of the movies, both past and present. Either way, it is not a good time to be on Toyota’s bad side! If you have any questions about the Toyota display at CES 2017, leave a comment below!