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How do I change the battery in my Toyota key fob?

Toyota key fobs and Smart Key systems make jumping into your car as easy as pressing a button or opening a door handle. However, like with all technology, they can occasionally have some issues. If your Toyota key fob isn’t performing as it should, it is likely that it needs a fresh battery. Find instructions for replacing the battery in your Toyota key fob below. If changing the battery on your key fob doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to take your vehicle to your local service center for additional help from the pros.

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Black key fob on a white backgroundToyota Key Fob Battery Replacement Instructions

Step 1 – Remove the metal ignition key by pressing the button on the side or bottom of your key fob
Step 2 – Insert a small flat object into the opening left behind and gently pry your key fob open
Step 3 – Once open, gently remove the green circuit board out of your key fob
Step 4 – On the back of the green circuit board is a small round battery that you can now replace
Step 5 – Reassemble your key fob and re-insert the metal ignition key

What kind of battery do I need?

The exact battery your key fob needs can be found in your owner’s manual. Most Toyota key fobs use a CR 2032 3V battery, which is a good place to start if you don’t have your owner’s manual handy. The battery inside your key fob also has a label with information in its size and voltage.

If you need additional help changing your Toyota key fob’s battery or if changing the battery did not solve your problem, visit the Fox Toyota dealership in Clinton, Tennessee for additional assistance. If your old car just isn’t performing as it should, bring it to the Fox Toyota service center and our team can help restore its performance or consider trading it in for a new ride. Browse our online inventory pages to see what we currently have available at the dealership.