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Which Toyota Protection Plan is Right For You?

Toyota offers a comprehensive selection of vehicle protection plans that can add additional peace of mind to Toyota vehicle purchases. Car shoppers interested in securing protection on damage to their Toyota tires, wheels, and keys may be interested in the Toyota Tire & Wheel Protection plans listed below.

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Toyota Tire & Wheel Protection Plans

Flat tire on a car

Tire & Wheel Protection Platinum

The Tire & Wheel Protection Platinum plan is the most basic of the three and offers coverage on eligible damage* to your Toyota tires and wheels only including replacement** if necessary. This plan also includes a $100 reimbursement for eligible towing costs and the ability to transfer the protection to one other owner at no additional cost to you.

Cracked windshield

Tire & Wheel Protection Platinum Plus

The Tire & Wheel Protection Platinum Plus plan includes all of the services listed above plus coverage for eligible dent repair and windshield damage. This specific Toyota protection plan is not available in all states, so be sure to ask your local Toyota dealer about availability before your Toyota vehicle purchase.

Someone holding black car keys up to a white car door

Key Replacement Protection

The Toyota Key Replacement Protection plan can be added on to one of the Tire & Wheel Plans listed above or it can be purchased independently. This plan covers the replacement of your Toyota key (up to $800 per claim) as well as lock-out assistance and towing coverage similar to that offered in the other Toyota Wheel & Tire plans.

All of the Toyota Tire & Wheel Protection plans are available during the financing portion of your Toyota vehicle purchase. Tennessee car shoppers interested in the Toyota protection plans above can contact the staff at Fox Toyota in Clinton for additional information.

*T&W protection covers damage caused by conditions defined as eligible road hazards which affect the performance of the tires/wheels as a result of the tire failing to hold air, or the wheel failing to seal with the new tire; such failures may prevent the maintenance of the manufacturer’s air pressure specifications.
**Reimbursement costs are based on the average regional market for a genuine manufacturer approved replacement of a similar quality tire or wheel.