Trick or Treat Times Clinton TN 2017

When is trick or treating in Anderson county?

Maybe you are like us and start digging through your old clothes in the attic in mid-October looking for something that could make the perfect costume, or maybe you are a little more prepared and have had something in the works for months. Whichever it is, you and your family are probably looking forward to going trick or treating to show them off. Find the trick or treat times for Clinton TN for 2017 below.

Trick or Treat Times Clinton TN 2017

Save for the occasional Halloween on a Sunday, the city of Clinton, TN pretty much sticks to the traditional Halloween night trick or treating schedule. With Halloween set to fall on a Tuesday this year, the trick or treating should be taking place that night. There is no set time for the start and end of trick or treating, but we suggest keeping the festivities between 6-8 pm so everyone has a chance to eat dinner before it starts and can get home in time to wake up for school the next morning. Remember, a porch with the light on signals that that house is participating. So, feel free to head to the doors of those houses but kindly skip the rest.

kids trick or treatingTrick or Treating Safety Tips

Trick or treating around the neighborhood for most kids is one of the best nights of the year. However, the night can turn sour real fast if some simple safety tips aren’t followed. Find some of our suggestions below.

  • Include reflective tape or another visible material on costumes, especially ones that have dark fabrics.
  • Limit car travel. If you are going down residential streets, keep your speed down and your eyes open.
  • Don’t enter a stranger’s home or accept homemade treats from someone you don’t know.
  • Inspect all candy before eating it. Discard any candy that looks like it has been opened.
  • Make sure kids are outfitted with well-fitting costumes that don’t cover their eyes and mouths.
  • Make sure any costume weapons are safe, soft, and flexible and couldn’t accidentally cause injury.