Passenger buckling into the rear seats of the 2018 Toyota Corolla

What kind of upholstery material should I get in my new Toyota?

Shopping for a new Toyota is a fun and exciting process. One of the biggest pros to purchasing a new vehicle is selecting all of the details that fit just what you need – right down to the interior upholstery. Most Toyota model lineups offer the choice between cloth and SofTex seats. While cloth is likely a familiar choice, SofTex may not be. We break down the details of Toyota SofTex seats below.

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What are Toyota SofTex Seats?

2019 Toyota C-HR rear seatsSofTex is Toyota’s faux alternative to genuine leather. It has many of the same properties as traditional leather including our favorite- being easy to clean. It’s a favorite for drivers who regularly transport pets or small children because spills and messes can be easily wiped away. It’s also a great option for drivers who love the sophistication of leather seats but choose to avoid the real thing.

How Do SofTex seats compare to leather?

Toyota SofTex seats have a few legs up on traditional leather. Because they are man-made, they were created with the goal of replicating the positive qualities of leather and avoiding some of the pitfalls. SofTex upholstery holds less heat from the sun and will wear and scratch less easily which are the most common complaints of real leather interiors. The SofTex material is also about half the weight of real leather which can result in some subtle fuel economy improvements.

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To learn more about your Toyota upholstery options, we encourage a little hands-on research. Visit the Fox Toyota dealership in Clinton, TN and our team can show you a few models with cloth and SofTex seats so you can feel the difference for yourself. They can also help get the shopping process started on your new Toyota model.