What Is The Best Hybrid Car For 2017

Reasons To Buy A Hybrid In 2017

What Is The Best Hybrid Car For 2017

As the combustion engine begins to lose its appeal to the electric car, we have the hybrid car to bridge the gap while we wait for electric personal transportation to be perfected. This brings forth the question of whether investing in a hybrid car is a smart move or a waste of resources. In large this is a topic that relies on opinion because it cannot be proven one way or the other until the combustion engine is completely obsolete, but there definitely some hybrid vehicles that stand out against the others. One in particular, is the Toyota Prius Two Eco.

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Best Good Housekeeping Vehicle

Good Housekeeping isn’t a name you would normally see in a car article, and for good reason; houses are not cars. Still, as cars turn into computers and cars become extensions of our homes, it is so fitting that the magazine would reach out to Car And Driver for help to determine which hybrid vehicle is best fit for Good Housekeeping readers.

2017 Toyota Prius Two Eco

When Good Housekeeping looks at cars, it is not looking at the same things we normally look at in cars. In fact, whether or not there is an engine is of no concern to Good Housekeeping. This year, the magazine named the Toyota Prius Two Eco the best hybrid car on the market in terms of value, smoothness, handling, interior design, comfort, onboard technology, and safety. Aside from handling, these are all characteristics of a home! That being said, if you want a car that you can feel at home in, the Toyota Prius Two Eco is the only way to grow.