man looking under the hood of his car

How To Stay Safe When Engine Trouble Strikes

The first sign of engine trouble should come as an alert from your dashboard warning lights or a dip into the red on your vehicle’s temperature gauge. If you experience either of these signs of engine trouble, or you missed them and steam is now escaping from your hood, it’s time to jump into action. Just what should you do if your engine starts overheating while you are driving? We break it down below.

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What should I do if my engine overheats while driving?

mechanic checking engine fluidsPull Over ASAP

If it’s safe to do so, you should pull your vehicle safely over to the side of the road and turn your engine off. If pulling over right away isn’t an option, turn your A/C off and your heater on. This can help pull heat away from your engine and can help get you down the road a little further until you can safely pull over.

Get To A Mechanic

Once you have pulled over and have turned your vehicle off, you have two choices depending on your comfort level under the hood. If you feel comfortable getting a little dirty and have some time on your hands, you can wait at least 30 minutes for your engine to cool down before investigating a potential cause. The most likely culprit is a coolant leak which can be easily remedied by filling the coolant tank until you can get to the service center. If vehicle maintenance isn’t in your comfort zone, go ahead and call a tow truck to get you to a professional mechanic. In either situation, a visit to the mechanic is necessary to be sure that everything under the hood is performing as it should. Skipping this visit could mean the difference between replacing a $20 part or needing hundreds of dollars in engine repairs over time.

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