Where to Adopt a Pet near Oak Ridge, TN

Adopt Don’t Shop – Anderson County Pet Rescue Facilities

Pets can provide joy, cuddles, and tons of love. They truly become an irreplaceable member of the family. If you are considering adding a pet to the family we highly recommend you check out local animal adoption facilities before you head to the pet shop. You will be saving the life of an animal in need. According to the Humane Society of the United States an estimated 2.7 million animals per year are euthanized due to crowded facilities. Adopting a pet from one of these facilities is also usually less expensive than the premium priced placed on pure-bred pups and other pet shop critters. Check out our list of where to adopt a pet near Oak Ridge, TN below.

Where to Adopt a Pet near Oak Ridge, TN

Local animal shelters and humane societies are a great place to start the search for your new friend. We have listed the local facilities here. Warning – you may lose countless hours staring at all of the adoptable pets available on their websites.

City of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter

The Oak Ridge Animal Shelter has a variety of cats and dogs available for adoption. Currently available animals can be found on their website. They also have a lost and found program for any pets that may have decided to take an unplanned stroll around Oak Ridge. Check out more at animalshelter.oakridgetn.gov.

Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley works hard to supply the animals in East Tennessee with safe and loving homes. They have a large selection of cats and dogs that can be found on their website and also on Petfinder. Last year they implemented a new and ambitious goal to end euthanasia of adoptable animals in East Tennessee by 2025.

Spay/Neuter Programs Available at Anderson County Humane Society

Another adoption-friendly resource near Oak Ridge Tennessee is the Anderson County Humane Society. While they do not currently have an animal adoption program in place they do work hard to protect the local animal community. One of the ways they do this is through their Spay/Neuter Program. Getting your pet spayed and/or neutered is vitally important in bring the number of rescue animals down. Please see the Anderson County Humane Society website for more information or speak to a representative via email at info@andersoncohumane.org.