Where to get the best deals on school supplies near Knoxville, TN

Find 2017 Back-to-School Deals in Eastern Tennessee Here

Summer is coming to an end and for families with kids that means it is time to gear up for another school year. While some people’s hearts race over the thought of fresh new supplies, most of us dread this time of year. With any luck, the list below can help you get in and out of stores quickly with money left in your wallet. Find out where to get the best deals on school supplies near Knoxville, TN below.

Where to get the best deals on school supplies near Knoxville, TN

Back to school logoStaples

Staples has tons of great deals including basic items like folders, pens and crayons for only $0.50. Many other items like Ticonderoga pencils, glue sticks, and markers range from $1.00 – $3.00. The Staples sales change weekly so head in before 8/5 when they change next.

Office Depot

Office Depot offers some of the best deals around. Take note that some deals require becoming a rewards member and spending a minimum amount. They also limit how many sale items you can purchase and may run out of the best supplies early in the week. But it can be worth it because they have a range of paper products for $0.01, a free gel pen pack reward deal, and many other items below $5. These deals will change on 8/5.


Like Staples and Office Depot, Target also has a number of school supplies under $5 and a variety of $0.99 options like Elmers glue sticks (5 count), Crayola markers, and Mead composition books until 8/5. Another benefit of shopping at Target is that they also sell clothes so you can hit two birds with one stone at this store.

Hint– To find even more deals on school supplies in Eastern Tennessee check out the Passion for Savings website.

Back-to-School Shopping Tips

  • If you haven’t received anything from your child’s school yet, contact them before shopping to get a list of items your child will need for the school year. This will prevent you from having to make another trip for forgotten items.
  • Take all of the clothes out of your child’s closet and have them try on anything that wasn’t a recent purchase. Then, make note of all the items they have and any items they still need. This will save time and money at the store and you won’t be left with holes in their wardrobe.
  • Make time to enjoy the process. Do something special with your kids that you don’t do often like going to lunch and a movie along with school shopping. Most likely the day will be filled with crowded stores and stressful situations but you have the opportunity to help get your child excited about school instead of dreading its arrival each year.