Which Toyota vehicles have Head-Up Display?

What is Head-Up Display?

Toyota researchers have spent countless hours creating innovative features that can propel Toyota vehicles into the future. One technology that is currently available on some Toyota models that we will see advancements on in the future is Head-Up Display. Head-Up Display (or HUD) is a projection on the car’s windshield that shows vehicle information, like current speed and vehicle warning signals, at eye level so drivers can have a running stream of information available to them without taking their eyes off the road. Interested? Find a list of which Toyota vehicles have Head-Up Display below.

2017 Toyota Prius PrimeGoing green has never looked so good with a Toyota plug-in model

Which Toyota vehicles have Head-Up Display?

As of right now, the only 2017 Toyota vehicles with Head-Up Display are the 2017 Toyota Prius and 2017 Toyota Prius Prime. However, Toyota plans to roll out this technology on some of the 2018 models including the Camry and Highlander so there will be more options soon.

What can the Head-Up Display show?

The Head-Up Display projection can be changed from the driver’s dashboard and steering wheel. Drivers can select the Head-Up Display to show things like the vehicle speed, the hybrid system indicators, Active Cruise Control data, driver assist data, and even navigation commands. Toyota researchers are continuing to advance the Head-Up Display technology. In the future it may be possible to include features that could tell you if a parking meter has more time on it, if you will fit into a parking space and more!

Schedule a Test Drive at Fox Toyota

Experience Toyota’s Head-Up Display in person by scheduling a test drive of the 2017 Toyota Prius or 2017 Toyota Prius Prime at Fox Toyota. Drivers will be able to test the tech-savvy model’s Head-Up Display as well as other innovative driver assist features like Lane Departure Alert and Blind Spot Monitoring depending on which Prius trim level is available.