Will Toyota back my Scion Warranty?

Will Toyota back my Scion Warranty?

As many of you probably know, the Scion brand will soon be fully absorbed by Toyota. This means that a few new models that were originally going to be released under the Scion name will be rebranded and changed to be Toyota vehicles instead. But how does this all affect existing Scion owners, especially those who are still under warranty, have loans, and more? Will Toyota Back Scion Warranties?

Does Toyota back Scion Warranties?

Have a Scion vehicle that is currently under warranty? You have nothing to worry about! Toyota will 100 percent honor these warranties on Scion vehicles. Scion Service Boost, vehicle warranties, warranties on certified pre-owned scion vehicles, and service agreements will all be honored by Toyota.

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Will I still be able to get Scion parts?

Do you have a Scion now and want to keep driving it for many years to come? Standard wear and tear will happen over time, and it’s not unheard of to have to replace a part at some point — even if you do a good job at maintaining and servicing your Scion. The good news is that many different Scion vehicles have already been sold as Toyota models in other countries, so there is more than a good chance that a genuine part can be found for you!

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Where can I get Scion maintenance in Knoxville TN?

Do you need to service your Scion? Not sure where to go now that the brand has been absorbed? Luckily for you, our technicians here at Fox Toyota are well trained and can easily help you with whatever Scion maintenance you need!

Have any more questions about the Scion transition to being just the Toyota brand? Feel free to reach out to us at Fox Toyota and we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions and put you at ease!

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