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Muffler and Exhaust Repair and Replacement Near Knoxville, TN

The exhaust system in your vehicle is very complex. It takes the harmful emissions from the engine and funnels them through an oxygen sensor, a catalytic converter, and finally the muffler to make them safer for the outside air and better for your vehicle’s systems. A faulty exhaust system can have some serious consequences including engine trouble, worsened fuel economy, emissions that won’t pass inspection, and a louder sounding engine that wakes the neighbors. Luckily, trained service technicians can help repair any damage or replace damaged parts at the first signs of trouble.

At the Fox Toyota service center in Clinton, TN near Knoxville, our service team is trained to work on vehicles of all kinds including Toyota models and those from other brands. If you notice louder than usual noises coming from your engine, decreased fuel efficiency, or strange smells, give our team a call or set up an appointment online.

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Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

How long does a muffler last?

Unlike some other auto parts with a specific shelf life, your muffler will only need repairs and/or replacement due to damage. Most often, we see muffler damage caused by the driving environment like rust from wet driving conditions. When your muffler needs attention, you will likely notice a change in the sounds coming from your engine. Though, other problems from your exhaust system can also result in increased noise so it’s best to let your local service center diagnose the underlying problem.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance and Repair at Fox Toyota

Drivers in the greater Knoxville area can trust the Fox Toyota service center team to provide fast, reliable and affordable maintenance and repairs. Scheduling an appointment with our team is easy. Give us a call at 865-425-1930 or use our online scheduling tool linked above to set something up from the comfort of home.

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